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Swing into the world of Lindy Hop with PSDC!

Each week at PSDC, we offer a range of dance lessons tailored to your needs. For beginners, we have the 'Intro to Lindy Hop'. For those more experienced, we have our progressive-lesson series. No matter your skill level, there's a lesson here for you.


Introduction to Lindy Hop:

During this 4-week progressive lesson you'll learn everything from Lindy Hop's African American roots and history, fundamental steps, turning techniques, and the SWING OUT!


Lindy 2

After grasping the basics in our introductory series, our Lindy 2 course awaits you. Spanning over four weeks, this progressive series delves deeper into intricate techniques and styles allowing you to hone-in your skills. 

Special Topics:
Continue your education with classes like 6 vs 8 count, swing-out bootcamp, Charleston and more!


Craving to dive deeper? Our workshops are your answer! We welcome many esteemed dance teachers or leverage the great talent in our community, hosting outstanding events that go beyond our regular offerings.

 We can't wait to welcome you to our dance-loving community!

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